What is Eta Kappa Nu?

Eta Kappa Nu is an organization that recognizes individuals that excel in electrical and computer engineering. Each member is expected to exemplify three primary tenants: Scholarship, Character, and Attitude. On September 1, 2010, Eta Kappa Nu merged with IEEE to form IEEE-HKN. Visit the official IEEE-HKN Website to learn more.

How Do I Join?

Candidacy for membership in Eta Kappa Nu is by invitation only. All undergraduate students that have met certain time and scholastic ranking will be invited each Fall and Winter semester. All graduate students are invited, given approval of the Department Chair and Faculty Advisor. Visit the joining section of the site for more details.

Why Join?

Joining Eta Kappa Nu broadcasts to the engineering industry ones caliber and academic excellence. Having an association with IEEE-HKN is more than another bullet point on a resumé; it's a history of leadership, accomplishment, and initiative. Membership opens the doors to networking, service, and leadership opportunities and is highly valued among employers. Visit the official Benefits of Joining section of the IEEE-HKN website.

Looking for Upcoming Local Eta Kappa Nu Activities?

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Mark Nielson
An undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering with experience in military radio communications at Rockwell Collins and Raytheon.
Brittany Irizarry
An undergraduate in Computer Engineering.
Chloe Roedel
An undergraduate in Electrical Engineering.
Cameron Blocker
Corresponding Secretary
An undergraduate in Electrical Engineering.
Alex McCown
Recording Secretary
An undergraduate in Electrical Engineering.
Richard Selfridge
Faculty Advisor
Professor, PhD from UC Davis researching in-fiber devices and electromagentic field sensors.
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